Posted on: August 1, 2008 12:50 pm

Manny to L.A., Some guy named Junior

So Manny is finally gone. Its seems like for the past three or four years Manny gets upset about two weeks before the deadline, says something dumb, nothing happens, and the Red Sox kiss and make up. And then win. So what changed? Taking a shot at the guy who writes your check is never a good idea. Having a knee injury that perplexes medical science. Running as slow as you look.(That hair must weight 25 pounds). Etc.
This could really blow up in the 'Sox face if Bay can't cut it in the clutch. The expectations around the Basement-Bucs ain't the same as Boston. Big Papi is streaky with his injuries and JD Drew has cooled off the last two weeks. Bay has to step up and fast if the Sox want to make the playoffs. Manny will the fine in L.A., but Torre's boys have other problems. I still pick the D-Backs to win the division.

Oh yeah, and some guy batting .245 got traded to a first place team. Griffey's stats are classic Reds...low average, nice HR and RBIs, low wins. I don't think he will play a very good center field, but the Chi-Sox aren't really a Tom Emanski training video in defense anyway. I think Junior can help them with some clutch hits down the stretch, but he needs plenty of rest and to bat in the right place in that line-up(6th or 7th). He doesn't fix their problems, just gives them another mediocre option. Swish or Konerko(What happened to this guy?)still gotta step it up for them to hold off the Twins and be successful in the playoffs.

Oh yeah, and my UGA BullDAWGS are ranked #1 in the Coach's Poll, yet are picked to finish #2 in the SEC East behind hated Florida. This system still doesn't work. Somebody tells this pollsters to not worry about how hard a team's schedule is, rank the teams by which is the best on the field! This ain't fortunetelling, its talent scouting!

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